ILP is an industry association whose mission is to lead the learning evolution by setting and raising the standards for learning and development, so that organisations and learners see how excellence in learning will result in exceptional capability and enhanced performance.

ILP professional members offer a vast array of learning and development (L&D) programs and services, and ILP is well placed to promote these to the broader public, both individuals and organisations.

As part of the service we offer to our members, and anyone looking for first class L&D services, we have created this website as a go-to space to showcase and explore what our members are doing. This L&D Marketplace website is that space, and ILP professional members are invited to promote their offerings here.

ILP has no role to play in our members providing those services, nor do we take any commission or royalty for services provided. ILP simply provides this space for them to showcase what they do, for a very small investment to cover administration costs.