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L&D Marketplace Providers Application

In order to streamline the process for uploading provider events, programs, services etc. (termed Offerings here) this form has been drafted to capture the information Asia Pacific Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP) needs to effectively upload your offering as quickly as possible.

Please provide information as succinctly as possible, within the word limits.  And if you have any questions or ideas to improve the application form and process, please email Bill Jarrard at [email protected].  Thanks in advance for your support for ILP.

Useful Tips

  • Add a course preview so the user can view your course before they purchase. This can increase your course sale significantly.
  • Add common Frequently ask questions.
  • Provide a discount for ILP member. So ILP member can be interested in the courses.

Notes and Terms:

  • ILP reserves the right to edit your application if it feels it is needed, and we will provide you with a look at the final version, so you can approve it or request changes. This is done just to keep a basic style for the offerings in the Academy.
  • All applications will be reviewed by a panel of ILP Certified Learning Professionals to confirm the suitability for uploading. ILP has the final say on whether or not your offering(s) are uploaded to the Academy and is under no obligation to indicate why an offering is rejected, although we will always try to provide feedback.
  • Should ILP determine that a breach of our values has taken place by a provider, we will remove your offering(s) from the Academy at our discretion, and without refunding your application fee.
  • ILP holds no liability for the success of your offering, or for any action taken by participants in your offering. ILP is simply providing a portal between you and your potential audience.