The Expert Use of Images for Connection and Engagement – Certified CCS Practitioner Program

Reliably create immediate and lasting impact in your communication work through the expert use of image cards.

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CCS Corporation is a world-leader and pioneer in the creation and application of image cards for group facilitation, coaching and self-discovery. For over 25 years, we have been developing and refining simple, reliable strategies for how best to use this powerful tool to improve communication in business, education, therapeutic and social settings.

The Certified CCS Practitioner Program is your opportunity to learn directly from the developers and join an elite group of communication professionals.

You will learn why, when and how best to apply the CCS (Compatibility Communication System) in a variety of common contexts — beyond what is covered in our published references. Most importantly, you will experience hands-on expert guidance to confidently deliver CCS-driven sessions in your work in ways that will reliably create an immediate and lasting impact.

During your certification, you will have hands-on experience of our trusted and tested processes to enable you to confidently use the CCS to do what it does best:

  • Improve listening, sharing, group participation and collaboration
  • Easily create meaningful team visions, missions and values
  • Build trust, psychological safety, open and honest communication, and emotional connection
  • Ease difficult conversations, resolve conflict, improve relationships
  • Empower one-on-one coaching, encourage disclosure
  • Stimulate creativity and promote self-discovery.

As a Certified CCS Practitioner, you will:

  • Know how to maximise communication impact by identifying the most appropriate method and positioning when using the CCS with your audiences
  • Understand how to adapt your CCS activities to different audience types, group sizes, in-room and virtual settings
  • Have strategies to reliably promote full participation and engage tough audiences
  • Establish the most cost-effective ways to integrate the CCS into your communication programs and contexts
  • Receive a Certified CCS Practitioner certificate and permission to display the Certified CCS Practitioner badge on your website and on social media.

About Your Facilitator

Leonie Cutts is co-creator of the Compatibility Communication System, an experienced facilitator, certified coach and trained counsellor. She brings over 25 years of working with images to help connect and engage audiences in corporations, teams, one on one coaching and in families.

The CCS has benefited from her contribution as co-founder through her constant pursuit of asking better questions. This pursuit has led to her collaboration with experts in different areas along the way and has resulted in products such as Career Catalyst and Coming Out, Staying Close and the self-delivered team builder – Collaborizza.

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Managers, team leaders, Learning and Development Professionals

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