Collaborative, Strategic & Creative Problem Solving

A three session series of practical tools and frameworks to assist teams in making sense of, and solving problems.

Price (For ILP Members)

The 3 sessions in total are $1600.00 with a 25% discount offered to ILP members placing order.


1 – Collaborative Problem Solving
We all bring very diverse ranges of experience, education, backgrounds and knowledge to the table. These are
powerful forces for addressing problems. However, we don’t always capitalise on these strengths and our
diverse views often lead to unproductive sessions. We have all been in meetings that fall into this category.
“Diversity though invaluable, is often divisive”.
How then do we fully incorporate this valuable yet potentially disruptive diversity, and use it in a positive and
productive manner?

2 – Strategic Problem Solving
As the world becomes more complex and change accelerates, we must strategically step back and make
greater sense of what is going on. We are then in a better position to make the best and context-appropriate
decisions to deal with our issues and opportunities.
How then do we start to make sense of a complex and shifting world so that we can then act with greater

3 – Creative Problem Solving
The application of creativity about is often at odds with business imperatives. However correctly applied
creativity is focused and addresses specific business needs aligned with organisational strategy.
How can we be more creative and generate new ideas and concepts to deal with the many issues and
opportunities that face us going forward?

In these sessions participants will listen to real-life case studies, practice and take away some practical tools
and methods to assist in 1) Constructive approaches to improving collaboration, 2) Looking at problems from
multiple perspectives so that the best possible interventions can be chosen & 3) Generating new, focused
ideas to help with those issues we struggle getting traction with.

About Me

Frank Connolly, Expert in systems change specialising in driving strategy and innovation, Principal of “Think Quick”

Frank is the Principal of “Think Quick”, a business that adds bottom-line value by providing leading-edge
thinking and innovative approaches to complex business issues. He has been acknowledged by Edward de
Bono as one of the foremost practitioners of the Lateral thinking methods worldwide and believes strongly that
if we can improve the way we think, the actions that follow improve dramatically.

Frank has worked extensively across Public and Private Sectors in both operational and change-management
roles and understands and dynamics and needs of each.

He has designed and initiated interventions and projects that have realised bottom-line benefit and savings in
the ten’s of millions of dollars and innovative projects that have re-engaged staff and produced new insights
that have enabled new solutions to emerge.

Frank is an acknowledged expert in systems change specialising in driving strategy and innovation. He has
facilitated and trained clients across Australia, Asia and the Middle East has considerable experience in putting
the methods into practice on real world issues.


These sessions constitute three modules. All three are recommended for a full range of problem solving
approaches, but not necessary. Pricing reflects participation in all three sessions. Organisations wanting to
undertake less than three can contact us direct for a quote.

Target Audience (who is this for)

Managers, team leaders, Formed teams, Other
Provided as in-house sessions for organisations

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