Become a Provider

Thank you for your interest in the L&D Marketplace, and potentially submitting some of your workshops, online events, activities, and/or offerings.  We look forward to supporting you.

As indicated in the Why an L&D Marketplace introduction, ILP wants to support our members by helping you showcase what you do, to a wider audience.  ILP is a member association, and other than our own predominately certification type offerings, we are not in the business of directly running courses etc.

That is why we want to support you, and help you build your business by exposing you to our expanding database, which is starting to include many members working in-house in organisations across APAC.

Here's how it works

In order to post one or more of your chargeable offerings on the L&D Marketplace you must be a member of ILP.

  • An Associate Member is able to have 2 offerings on the marketplace for 6 months free of charge# and these can be rolled over, or changed.
  • A Professional Member is able to have 3 offerings on the marketplace for 6 months free of charge# and these can be rolled over, or changed.
  • Fellows and Certified Members can have 5 offerings on the marketplace for 6 months free of charge# and these can be rolled over, or changed
  • Non-members can take advantage of Join ILP Now and get 3 entries free of charge for the first 6 months, then move onto whatever member level entitlement you are then on. See what ILP membership options are available on the ILP website, and once you’ve joined contact us to let us know how we can help you get onto the Marketplace.

#Note: In addition to your chargeable offering, you can also have 2 Events you are offering free of charge uploaded each six months (e.g. free webinar). See below.

You are then able to add additional offerings on a paid basis, to help ILP cover admin and uploading costs, and website maintenance. Prices vary depending on the type of offering you wish to have uploaded, and the number of additional offerings is limited as well. See below.

Pricing for Additional offerings

In addition to the entitlements above, members are able to submit offerings on the following paid basis.

Offering Charge
Offerings that have a timeframe allocated – e.g. Online course on a particular date. Where possible this should be at least one month out to allow time to promote. $27.50 per offering
Standing offering – e.g. a standard course you offer to organisations on an ongoing basis. $99 each 6 months on invoice
Premium promotion of one of your offerings, such as being featured in our email updates and on social media. Email [email protected] to let us know what you need. TBD

The process for having your offering uploaded is as follows:

  1. Complete the application form that outlines what your offering is, who you are, prices etc.
  2. ILP will review your application and a Panel will determine the suitability of your offering to the audiences we and you are seeking to reach. It is vital ILP maintains our high-quality standards as we present offerings to our audience, in order to protect our reputation and those of our members. This review will be completed with 7 days of receipt, and if we require any additional information we’ll contact you a quickly as possible.
  3. Once approved, ILP will upload your offering and advise you that has been done, and ask for your confirmation that it is correct.
  4. ILP will be promoting the L&D Marketplace on social media, highlighting new offerings wherever possible. When we do that, we would ask you to then share with your network as well.
  5. In addition, users looking for offerings on the L&D Marketplace website will be invited to register to receive updates on new entries, which we’ll do each week, thereby continuing to promote your offerings.
  6. If you have a special event coming up that may be time-critical, it will be possible for ILP and our advocates to do additional promotions for you. There may be a small additional cost for this.

NB. ILP will not be handling registration for your events. Essentially there will be an overview of your offering, based on your completed application, and users will be linked directly to your chosen website page or events page. ILP is not asking for any commission or royalty from you, and in return we hope you will promote ILP to your network to help our association.

If you have any questions on this contact Bill on [email protected], we look forward to hearing from you.