About us

About the Institute for Learning & Performance L&D Marketplace

The Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP) is a leading industry body for people who help others to enhance their performance, capability or change behaviour. As a trusted advisor in the L&D industry with more than 12 years’ experience, ILP currently has over 4300 members across Asia Pacific. Our members are a diverse range of learning and development professionals, including individuals (both independent and internal) as well as Registered Training Organisations and Corporates.

We pride ourselves in being the best value industry body in Asia Pacific through our collaboration with members, partnering with like-minded associations, and with organisations seeking best practice in learning and development for their people.

One of the ways we demonstrate this collaboration is through the L&D Marketplace, where ILP Professional Members can showcase themselves, and entities seeking to locate first class learning providers can find what they are looking for.

Started in July 2020, the L&D Marketplace is a rapidly growing resource, and we hope you find it of immense value.